You’re no longer married, but you’re not yet divorced. Maybe you’ve even been seeking divorce support for women.

Do you get advice from everyone—friends, co-workers, your hairdresser tells you about her niece, you overhear another woman talking about it on her phone at the grocery store—yet still feel like you don’t understand the “divorce thing” and have no idea if you’re doing it “right?”
  • Do you worry about whether or not your kids are okay?
  • Are you just trying to get through your day and stay positive?
  • Do you feel like all your friends/colleagues are getting tired of hearing about your “divorce” problems? Like you have nothing else to talk about?
  • Do you question all of your decisions?
  • Does an email from your lawyer feel like a lifeline?
  • Are you afraid to get a lawyer?

You’re not alone! You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Aspire to opportunities, empowerment and growth.

Find strength in numbers with divorce support for women—and connect through shared experience, in small, face-to-face, facilitated groups. Do more than get through your day by making empowered and informed choices. Let’s talk and find out what feels right for you.